Services that go beyond best practices

Ever since Amazon changed the way brands market themselves, companies have been relying on simple checklists of ‘best practices’ with hopes that by checking the boxes, they’ll hit the Amazon jackpot.

Amazon’s A9 algorithm is far more sophisticated than that. Best practices are only a starting point; it’s what you do after the basics that sets you apart

A9 Performance Audit

Upsly begins all partnerships with a comprehensive discovery call so we can become familiar with the state of your business. To gain a more complete picture, Upsly will audit your current ranking and position on top search terms, as well as the SEO richness of your detail pages.

In addition, if you currently advertise on Amazon, we’ll deep-dive into your ad campaigns to identify opportunities to improve and strengthen your current ad program. This gives us keen insight into how we can best help you.

PPC Advertising Management

Amazon is the world’s largest ecommerce marketplace, with 10% of clicks now going through paid ads. If you don’t advertise, or if your campaigns are ineffective or inefficient, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. We analyze your ad data daily, optimizing and reacting to this swiftly changing marketplace in real time. We never “set it and forget it.”

PPC Advertising Management Includes:

  • Dedicated Amazon marketing specialist
  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Advertising strategy and implementation
  • Ongoing advertising testing and optimization
  • Weekly reports

SEO Content and Product Optimization

Ranking organically on Amazon is extremely competitive and demands a deep understanding of how Amazon’s A9 algorithm works. Using cutting-edge technologies in tandem with your own data, Upsly isolates keywords based on real consumer search and purchase data, ensuring that your products show up exactly where your customers are searching.

SEO Content and Product Optimization Includes:

  • Keyword research and SEO strategy
  • Product detail page optimization
  • Titles, bullets, and product description copywriting
  • Back-end keyword research
  • Image feed review and recommendations

Brand Registry and Enhanced Marketing

We help you strengthen and protect your brand with brand registration, enhanced product page content, and a click-inducing brand store experience.

Brand Registry and Enhanced Marketing Include:

  • Brand registration on Amazon (requires US trademark)
  • Enhanced product detail page recommendations and creation
  • Brand store recommendations and creation

Amazon Event and
Product Based
Promotional Strategy

Having a plan that helps you capitalize on the biggest promotional opportunities throughout the year is crucial. Whether or not your products are seasonally dependent, Upsly creates a comprehensive promotional plan for you to take advantage of every opportunity to increase your sales.

Promotional Strategy Includes:

  • Product-, category- and industry-based seasonal planning
  • Holiday and special event planning (Prime Day, Black Friday, etc.)

Lost Buy Box Analysis

Winning the buy box is critical for selling on Amazon. Upsly will evaluate your back-end LBB data to determine what is causing you to lose the buy box. After understanding your unique challenges, we help you determine how to best reclaim control of your buy box.

Operational Planning

A lack of clarity around forecasting can lead to out-of-stocks and unhealthy inventory levels both on Amazon and in your own warehouse. Amazon’s operational scoring affects your ranking as a seller, which negatively affects your ability to win the buy box. Upsly sets you up with everything you need to accurately measure, evaluate, and enforce your brand’s overall operational health on Amazon.